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Helping Separated Parents Raise Children Together

Canadian Rates:
Yearly Payment: $85.00 + HST

USD Rates:
Yearly Payment: $85.00

Only one parent needs to sign up, the other parent can still have read-only access even if they choose not to subscribe

Marriage separation is a difficult time for a couple, their families and friends, but the situation becomes even more difficult if the separation involves children.

We can help! is an effective communication tool for parents committed to raising their children together, for a lifetime, long after divorce.

This tool is designed to help parents overcome the struggles with communication difficulties, reducing the stress and conflict that inevitably arise as new family patterns are sorted out.

By clearly laying out and documenting communication, many misunderstandings can be avoided. Having a central line of open dialog, with attached schedule, contact and critical document information available to both parents makes it easier to manage schedule changes, financial requests and event planning for the children.


  • Secure site with data encryption
  • Calendar to track custody schedule, record notes, events, appointments, and financial commitments
  • Upload important documents
  • Financial tracker records child-related expenses, with a running tally of outstanding amounts for future financial reconcilliation
  • 3 types of accounts: Parent, Child, Secondary. Parent has full access, Child limited read/write access, Secondary limited read-only access
  • Older children can have read/write access to the Calendar, all they require is their own email address
  • Flexible schedule management: changes can be made for a single day; a set of days as a group; or for blocks of time (weeks/months/years)
  • Customization setting allows for approval to be required before changes to schedule become active
  • Customization setting to allow for approval to be required for financial entries
  • Monthly calendar can be downloaded in PDF format for printing
  • Transaction history recorded for all changes/requests
  • Email updates are sent automatically when changes/requests are made
  • Main account page shows a list of outstanding action items (schedule changes awaiting confirmation, etc.), the history of the most recent updates and the current day's schedule and notes
  • May include private notes in the calendar, visible only to the user who entered them